<br /> Lee Letter: n369

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Mann Page

Reports on the battle of Brandywine.

“Gen.Washington marched his army here after the battle and having refreshed
his men with a little rest &c he yesterday recrossed the Schuylkil
and was this morning about 16 miles from hence and about 12 from the
enemy. Our army is in very high spirits and eagerly wish to attack the
enemy 1 … we every day expect another
battle … We have sent for a reenforcement of 2000 men from Peeks
Kill2 … we shall be ready quickly to
give Mr. Howe a third battle, if the second shoud not content him. We
have strengthened our Army … by the addition of two able foreign
Officers, Baron Kalb & Count Polesky. The former a Brigadr. General
of great experience … the latter, a Nobleman of Poland who has
commanded 18000 men in his own Country … he is arrived here to
fight the battles of liberty over again. He is at the head of our
Cavalry.3 Gates writes us that he is strong
& has got up to Stillwater very near to Burgoyne, and that a few
days, perhaps hours, will shew whether the British General chooses to
fight or fly4 … I hope by next Post
to congratulate you on a glorious victory over Howes whole force, &
perhaps Burgoynes fate may come about the same time … Gen.
Washington was this morning within 6 miles of Howe, and … we
should have had a battle e’er this if the heavy rain now falling had
not prevented it … We just now hear that the enemy having
collected their force from Rhode Island, N. York &c &c were
pushing thru the Jersies with 4000 men under Gen. Clinton. The Jersey
Militia are collecting under Gen. Dickinson to oppose them, and 2000
men are ordered from Peeks Kill to cross the North River and come on
their rear …”


Manuscript, MS not found; abstracted from extract in Charles Hamilton
Autographs Catalog, no. 6 (1955), item 73.

1 Ellipses here and below in Tr.

2 On September 12 Congress had ordered 1,500 Continental troops from
Peekskill, N.Y., to reinforce Washington’s army. JCC, 8:736.

3 This day Johann de Kalb was appointed major general and Casimir Pulaski,
brigadier general in the Continental Army. JCC, 8: 745 – 46.

4 Horatio Gates’ September 10 letter was read in Congress on the 14th and is
in PCC, item 154, 1:256.