<br /> Lee Letter: n398

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Francis Lightfoot Lee
Recipient: John Hancock

Dear Sir

The State of Virginia having occasion to advance some French Gentlemen in
Boston a sum of Money, & not being able to procure a bill of
exchange in this place, I as a delegate for that State am obliged again
to have recourse to your friendship.

I hope therefore you will be kind enough to advance to Lt. Colo. Marrie, on
application, two hundred pounds lawfull for which your draft upon the
Delegates here will be honourd at sight.1

Your order on us for 600 Dollars advanced to Captains Pierre & Cayotte
has come to hand, and is paid, but we have heard nothing of the

All my bror. delegates are at present away, therefore I alone have the
honor of subscribing myself, with much esteem, Yr. mo. hble. St.

F. L. Lee


File copy, Library of Virginia. In a clerical hand, except the last
sentence and signature which are in Lee’s hand.

1 At the foot of this copy of Lee’s letter to Hancock, Lee also copied his
note of this date to “Leiut Colo. Marree at Boston”: “Monsr.
Loyeaute, who has enter’d into the service of the State of Virga. has
desired me to lodge in your hands two hundred pounds money of Boston
for purposes expressed in his Letr. to you. Finding it difficult to
procure at this place a bill of Excha. upon Boston I have desired the
honble. Mr. Hancock to advance that sum to you. If therefore you will
please to present the inclosed Letter, I make no doubt you will
receive the money.” For a plan being considered in Virginia for
importing military stores from France, see Richard Henry Lee’s
February 23 letter to Arthur Lee in Lee, Letters (Ballagh), 1:388 – 89.

2 On the Virginia delegates’ earlier efforts to secure the services of
several French artillerists, see Richard Henry Lee to Patrick Henry,
October 8, 1777, note 3.