<br /> Lee Letter: n479

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Arthur Lee

My dear {Brother}

I refer you to mine by Capt. Robinson written when I was on my way to this
place. I found when I arrived here that the {author} of {Common Sense}
had pursued his {blow}s so {effectively} that without {doors Deane} and
his {faction} have lapsed into {general contempt}. A more {wicked set}
I realy think never {disgrac}ed and {injur}ed {society}. {With}in
{door}s the {faction continue} to {exert themselves}, but I do not
think {they} can {succeed}. However {they} are {numerous} and
{arrogant}, and therefore {you} will not be surprised let {happen} what
{may}. But provide all possible {proof}s of {Deane’s libel}. His
{charges again}st {you} are {suspicion, jealousy, affronting, hate} of
the {French} and that you {inform}ed {Lord Shelburne} of the {treaty}
on the day of {sign}ing. For all this {assertion} alone is {produc}ed.
But {against} him {enough} appears to induce the most {violent
suspicion}s. This they know and therefore loosing {hope} of
{support}ing {Deane} their {hope} now is to make you {fail} also. But
here will be the puzzle. Their {role} is not less {against William}.
The {charge}s against are {mean}ness and going {share}s with the
{agent}s he {appoint}ed. But there is no {proof}. Yet {ambition,
avarice, envy}, and {tory}ism can make what they cannot otherways find,
and believe for gratification things that exist not. Should they act so
injuriously I hope you will {appeal} to the public, so that shame and
disgrace may fall on the wrong doers. With composure therefore
{collect} your {proof}s.

Give my best love and respects where you know them to be due.

{Richard Henry Lee}

P.S. Mr. {John Adam}s has {wrote} greatly in {your}
[favor(?)]2to S. {Adam}s. I can neither send
newspapers nor be more large & particular because I am not
acquainted well with the conveyances and my notice is short.


Lee PapersHoughton Library

1 Words printed in braces in this text were written by Lee in cipher.

2 Lee obviously omitted a word at this point. The context of the sentence
suggests that he may have had in mind a word such as “favor,”
“behalf,” “support,” or “defense.”