<br /> Lee Letter: n497

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Henry Laurens
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir,

I had the honour of addressing you under the 1st
instant.1 From that day to our yesterday’s
adjournment, we have made no progress in the treasury business, nor in
our foreign affairs – none at all. This morning is appointed for resuming
the latter. Mr. Deane sent a letter yesterday, which he intimates will
be his last: he requests an adjustment of his expenses; and, if I
remember right, his salary – the letter was committed to the board of
treasury. Colonel Wadsworth has laid before Congress an alarming state
of his department, and again declares his intention to resign. No less
alarming is an explanation from the board of war, respecting essential
articles within their sphere. America trusts to . . . and . . . to the chapter of accidents,2 that mere
accident which lately happened in South Carolina, will prove an
excellent interposition in our favour – we shall turn t’other side, and
go to sleep again. Enclosed with this you will receive a letter which
Mr.Lovell delivered me yesterday; I suppose it came by the post; and
also Dunlap’s paper of this morning.

I am, with very great esteem and regard, Dear sir, your obedient and
humble servant.

Henry Laurens.


Printed in R. H. Lee, Memoir of the Life of Richard Henry Lee and his Correspondence, 2:233.

1 Not found.

2 Ellipses in tr.