<br /> Lee Letter: n509

Washington and Lee University

Sender: James Lovell
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir

I have this day recd. more Packets from france than what I have before
mentioned to you.1 I send some & keep
others. One Packet was sealed & gone to Mr Laurens’s before I
thought of the mode of making a + to let you see what I have by me. My
aim is that you should have a compleat Set. SA2 another or at least the reading of one
and I myself another for a Stand-by. Give me therefore all yr. Spare
ones, demand of me what you want and do this with as little risque as
possible on the Road. As you have a List of all the Vouchers sent by

A.L.3 in Confirmation of his Letter of Defence
you need not copy or strive to spare any thing therein a duplicate
being with me, but you can send me a List of what Letters & Papers
relate to particular Points either of Accusation against him, or rather
Innuendo, or of Frauds in D.4 or others. I
will do the Like.

Of the Letters lately arrived I have two of these directed to RHL or FLL or
JL,5 one of these cover[in]g Resig. – also Jan
6 to RHL – Amico Berkenhout to AL with the Answr. Sep 5, 77 – AL to
Vergennes, Apr. 24, 78. Doctr. P.6 cannot
come over as he tells AL in a Letter of Jany. 18, 1779 Copy of which we

I inclose you a Boston Paper in wsh. the Piece referred to yours is
inserted.7 I forwarded it I think some time
ago but it is ill translated or the Printer has blundered.

A great Spirit is showing itself in Mass. respectg. the Money. Genl. Warren
& Mr SA tell me that both Seaport & Country Conventioners were
unanimous to the Number of 170, or more. I presume Mr. J Adams has with
him every Thing necessary to serve Arthur & confound his
Slanderers. I momentarily expect Mr. A.

Excuse to my Haste on this Post day what a more proper Time shall give
you from yr. affect. humb Servt,


I send for yr. Reading a Sample of yr. Brothers friendly attention
to me.

Yr. favor of July 24th is safe with the Proof of the honest Ingenuity of
the two Commissrs.

R Izd. complains of great Brutality of Conduct in the Manner of
F’s8 refusing a Draught of his for Support
which AL & JA paid. I have a curious, long Letter of July 22 – 78
recd. July 27 – 79 not sent from Nantes till Feb. 25 this year tho it
does not appear to be a copy or a Triplicate.


Lee Family PapersUniversity of Virginia Archives

1 See Lovell to Richard Henry Lee, July 31, 1779.

2 That is, Samuel Adams.

3 Arthur Lee.

4 Silas Deane.

5 That is, Richard Henry Lee or Francis Lightfoot Lee or James Lovell.

6 Doubtless Dr. Richard Price, whom Arthur Lee had urged to emigrate to
America. Louis W. Potts, Arthur Lee: A Virtuous Revolutionary (Baton
Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1981), p. 83.

7 The precise “Boston Paper” could not be determined.

8 That is, Benjamin Franklin. For further information on his long-delayed
July 22, 1778, letter mentioned below, see Lovell to Richard Henry
Lee, July 31, note 7; and Lovell to Benjamin Franklin, August 6,