<br /> Lee Letter: n523

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Samuel Huntington
Recipient: Henry Lee


I enclose you an Act of Congress passed the 24th Instant and enjoy a
sincere pleasure in communicating to you the thanks of Congress for the
remarkable prudence, address & bravery displayed by you in the late
successful attack on the enemy’s fort & works at Pawlus Hook. And
it is with singular satisfaction I assure you that while Congress
entertain ajust Sense of your military abilities they at the same time
highly approve the humanity shewn in Circumstances prompting to
severity as honourable to the arms of the United States and
correspondent to the noble principle on which they were assumed.

In testimony of your merit and to perpetuate the remembrance of so gallant
an action the Congress have ordered a medal of Gold emblematical of the
affair to be struck & presented to you. They have also directed a
sum of money to be put into your Hands to be distributed among the
noncomissioned Officers and soldiers who shared with you the danger and
glory of the enterprize.1

I am, Sir, &c,

S. Huntington Prest


Letter book, Papers of Continental Congress, item 14, U.S. National
Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

1 For Congress’ response to General Washington’s official report on Lee’s
August 19 raid on Paulus Hook, see Huntington to Washington, this
date, note 2. Besides ordering a gold medal for Lee, Congress also
singled out two of his subordinates for their leadership during the
attack by conferring brevet captaincies on Lts. Archibald McAllister
(McCallister) and Michael Rudolph. This information was transmitted
to the two officers in brief letters from President Huntington of
this date. PCC, item 14, fols. 192 – 93.