<br /> Lee Letter: n542

Washington and Lee University

Sender: James Forbes
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

My Dear Sir, Philadelphia

As I had not the pleasure of a line from you in answer to my last
1 I suppose you were oute of Town, I am
affraid shall not be able to execute your order in Purchasing the
Charret & Horses. Mr. Todd has been oute of Town. When he returns,
shall apply to him. Mr. Dickinson has a very ellegant Coach for Sale
which has been very little used. He is allso oute of Town: therefore
can not let you know his terms. If they are any way reasonable, I shoud
think it a better purchase than any thing of the kind I have seen in
this place. I have been asked £5,000 for a Charret half worn, Youl
please to give me your instructions on this head [on the return] of the

I find the Assembly was up before my resignation got down, as I am
determind not to accept under the new Delegation I must begg you woud
use your endeavours to get some of the Gentn to cum up, as soon as
possable, as I shall be under the necessity if they dont cum, of
leaving the State unrepresented,2 which I
shoud be gratly concernd at, but my present business makes it
absolutely necessary that I shoud be at home. I shoud be obliged if you
woud send me the Bill for Confisscaation of British property. Inclosed
you have the papers to which refer you for News,

And am, Dear Sir,
Yours affectionately,

James Forbes


Receiver’s copy, Lee, Horsey, and Carroll Papers deposit (1985), Maryland
Historical Society.

1 Forbes to Lee, December 30, 1779.

2 See ibid., note 1.