<br /> Lee Letter: n550

Washington and Lee University

Sender: William Shippen, Sr.
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

1Dear Sir, Philada.

I reced your Favor of the 19th Feby inclosing a Note for Tho Paine Clerk of
our Assembly wch I delivered. We hear from Carolina that the Troops to
the amount of 8000 are arrived & Landed, some on Johns Island, some
on James’s Island & some elsewhere, a number of their Ships much
shattered, some 3 foundered, all their Horses lost. That one 64 Gun
Ship & 2 or 3 smaller appear off the harbour. Sulivan says that if
they delay their motion 2 or 3 Weeks he hopes to be prepared for them,
that he has expected the Virginia Troops 18 Months not arrived the 24th
Feby. Mr Laurens was to sail for Statia the next day. The Vessel wch
John Adams sailed in arrived at Corunna in 18 Days. I wish I could
inform you of a prospect of an honorable Peace but I guess the
fluctuating state of our Finances will encourage our obstinate Foes to
struggle hard to prolong the war, by the inclosed imperfect sketch of
our present System passed yesterday you’l see how unequal we are to the
work. The Credit of our Money is so low that it is absolutely necessary
to attempt something.

If I have the pleasure to see your Sons in Philada. on their way to
Virginia I shall observe your directions.

I have wrote you several times by the Post & directed agreably to your
advice but I dont find you have reced any of my
Letters.2 Inclosed is a Letter from D
Scudder, Young Madison one of your Delegates came into Congress
yesterday. I cant find any good Sonchong Tea but have bot you one pound
very fine Hyson at a Guinea but how to send it I know not.

Best Compts
to Mrs. Lee &

Famy. W. Shippen

[P.S.] I sent you an account of the Numbers of Lottery Tickets long ago
& that your Interest on certificate is to be paid in Virginia but
have not met with a Safe hand by whom to send it to you.


Receiver’s copy, Lee Family Papers, University of Virginia Library.

1 Shippen may have actually written this letter on March 21, as he writes
below that “Young Madison . . . came into Congress yesterday,” and
James Madison first attended Congress on Monday, March 20.JCC,

2 The last letter from Shippen to Lee that has been found is dated June 22,