<br /> Lee Letter: n560

Washington and Lee University

Sender: John Hanson
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

Dear sir

I am favoured with yours by the last post. Be pleased to present my
Compliments to Mrs Lee, and tell her her Commands Shall be Executed-tho
the best Kind of Chariots was made a month or Six weeks ago, for
£150 hard money, the price is now from 200 to 220. If you are
willing to give this price be pleased to let me Know and I will engage
one of the best Kind immediately, and you may probably get it by the
middle or last of September. There is a Second hand Coach to be Sold
for £200 hard. I understand it has run near Six years. I have
examined it, the wheels are allmost new and the Harnass altogether so,
the Body is very good, And every part of the Carriage appears to be
Strong and in good order. The lining is a green Silk Damask. The
Cushings are a good deal worn, but the man will engage to furnish new
ones of the same, with the lining, it Apepars to be rather heavy, And
the Shape of the Body not altogether in the modern tast, tho’ it looks
well, being genteely painted. But I would rather advise your having a
new one made or a new Chariot, rather than Purchase this. You will then
be Sure of a good one and Agreeable to your own fancy. You will let me
hear from you on the Subject by the next post. The sooner the better as
things are Still rising.

There was An Embarkation of Troops from New York last week, and a fleet of
Ships of war and other vessels amountg to 61 or 62 Sailed from the hook
Wednesday last, Steering as far as they Could be seen, about a South
East Course. Various are the Conjectures respecting their destination.
Some are of opinion they are gone to the West Indias to reinforce
Admiral Rodney, who it is Said has lately met with a severe drubing by
the Combined fleets haveing lost 4 Ships. A 74 Sunk and three taken,
and the rest drove into St. Lucia, Some in a Shatered Condition, others
are of opinion (which I think the most probable) that their object is
Rhode Island. The Superiority they have at present in Shiping and the
number of Troops they may Spare from New York for so Short an
Expedition may induce them to attempt Something before the french fleet
and Army there Can be reinforced. A few days will Clear up our Doubts.

With great esteem and respect, I am Dear sir, Your most hble Servt,



Receiver’s copy, Lee, Horsey, and Carroll Papers deposit (1985), Maryland
Historical Society.