<br /> Lee Letter: n575

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

My dear Sir,

I need not inform you of the difficulties Congress labour under for the
want of Money, you are already Sensible of them but what makes this
distress the more Melancholy is, that there is no immediate prospect of

The New State Money of Penna. as well as the New Continental Emissions, is
refused at Market, And what is extraordinary the Country people will
not Sell for Gold, unless at exorbitt. prices; but seem to prefer the
old Continental and Provisions for that Money are reasonable. Veal from
3½ to 5 Dolls & Mutton from 4 to 5.

We have received information wch is not doubted, that Admiral Rodney with
12 Sail (11 of which of the Line) are arrived at New York. And it is
immagined that the French Fleet & Troops at Rhode Island are the
Object in view.

Two days have been taken up in debating How far Congress will allow Virga.
&c. to hold Back Lands,1 with Endemnity
of Expenses for Conquered Territory. That business is not yet
compleatly finished, but I think it premature, others have thought the
measure would accelerate the Confederation. I think that it will rather
retard it.

I understand that the New England States are to have a Congress soon to
which they have invited New York to send Deputys. What this will End in
a little time will discover. Pray inform me when you think the Assembly
will meet.

With my respectful Compliments to Mrs. Lee, I am, Dr Sir Your affectionate

Daniel of St Thos. Jenifer2

P.S. It is supposed that the French Fleet that Sailed from Cape Francois
& were last in the Lat. of 26 deg. North are gone to the West
Indies that they had been before Jamaica but finding Parker &
Walsingham with 10 Sail of the Line & strong in Land Forces the
Combined Fleet returned & were obliged to come through the Gulph

Excuse haste.


Receiver’s copy, Lee, Horsey and Carroll Papers deposit (1985), Maryland
Historical Society.

1 See James Madison to Joseph Jones, this date.

2 Jenifer also wrote a second brief letter to Lee this day: “This moment we
have received information from South Carolina that the Maryland Line
that were made Prisoners are retaken by Coll Marrion of South
Carolina.” Lee, Horsey, and Carroll Papers deposit, MdHi.