<br /> Lee Letter: n601

Washington and Lee University

Sender: John Hanson
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

My Dear sir

I am favoured with your two letters by the last post. You desire me to pay
the money inclosed to the Coachmaker, but none was inclosed. Public
Bills are now Selling at 60 and 65, that is one Dollar in Bills for
Sixty Continental. Private Bills Sell Something higher. I have not
Consulted the Coachmaker whether Bills will Suit him – but if they do
not, they may be turned into Cash. Shall have the Crest painted on your
Carriage, Agreeable to the impression you inclosed. I have not Seen Any
Horses for Sale That I think would Suit you. A pair of Elegant Horses
would be Cheap indeed at £5000 and wish I could light of a pair
for you, at that price or higher.

I am Sorry to hear, that the principal end of the assemblys being Called
together, has not yet been under their Consideration, I mean the
raising men And Supplies for the Army, Yet from the good Opinion I have
of the present leading members, I flatter myself, that all matters of
importance will be Attended to before they rise.

Advices from France and Spain of the 25th Sep., and 15th October, Say that
General Clinton had requested to be recalled, unless a reinforcement of
10000 men was immediately Sent him – in Consequence of which, a vessel
had Sailed from England with despatches, Containing assurances, that
the King entirely Approved of his Conduct, and that he Should be Aided
with Supplies to the utmost of their power, and that orders were given
for the raising Nine Regiments of foot and one of Horse to be Sent out
Early in the Spring. That nine Sail of the line and a number of
Transports with 4000 Troops, would Sail from Brest in a day or two, to
reinforce Admiral Ternay. The Sending Commissioners from G.B. to treat
with Congress, is under Consideration of the Privy Council, and it was
thought would be adopted. Mr. Cumberland Still remains at Madrid, but
his Coadjutor the Abbe Hussey, has received a pastport to go to Lisbon,
and from thence to London, And returns with the ultimatum of that
Court. (Is it not Something Misterious, that a Secretary to Lord George
Germain A minister of the Court of G.B. Should be permitted to reside
at the Spanish Court in time of war?) The great Neutral Powers of
Europe, seems to regard the present war, as an Event favourable to the
Augmentation of their Commerce And will probably do so, untill one or
other of the Contending parties, appear to have a decided supremacy.
The Combined Fleet at Cadiz, Consists of 45 Sail of the line, besides
frigates &c, the Count D Estaing Commands the French part of the
fleet, and the whole was ready to put to Sea. Mr. Laurence on his
passage to Holland is taken and Carried to London and is Committed to
the Tower on a Charge of high Treason.

I hope you will have it in your power to send me 10000 Dollars by the next
post, my Finances are lowe indeed.

With every Sentiment of Esteem, I am, Dear sir, Your Excellencys most hble

John Hanson


Receiver’s copy, Lee, Horsey and Carroll Papers deposit (1985), Maryland
Historical Society.