<br /> Lee Letter: n610

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Daniel Carroll
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

Dear Sir,

I wrote your Excellency a few lines by Capt. McClane – he left this place
last Sunday; I then acknowledg’d the receipt of yours by Col
Livingston;1 particular attention shall be
immediately payd to yr commands. I beg leave to refer you to the
enclosd paper for intelligence respecting what Mr Hanson & myself
wrote you yesterday by express.2

Cornwallis continues a rapid progress thro’ North Carolina, his force from
2500 to 3000. Morgan, & the prisoners with him, escapd by a
providential rain which swelled the waters just after he had pass’d the
Catawba, this detaind the other some days. Morgan soon after joind
General Green, & the prisoners had proceeded beyond danger, he had
pickd up abt 100 More prisoners than what is mentiond in the Publishd
acct of the Battle of the Cowpens. General Green was on the 10th at
Guilford Court, his force not more than 1427 Regular infanty & 600
Militia, & Lees Legion which had joind him. The General was to
retreat the next day, & is determind to avoid a general engagement,
until he is in sufficient force to ensure Success, & I believe will
not depend too much on Militia, notwithstanding the Battle of the
Cowpens. Govr Jefferson says in a Letter of the 17th Inst that he was
informd our Army had got on this Side of the Roanoke, & the Enemies
was advancd to Staunton. This is on the Verge of Virginia. The
Conventioners in Virginia, & the prisoners taken in Carolina are on
their march to the Northward, [and] will probably be Stationd in
Lancaster. I hope those in Frederick Town likewise – a Committee will
report on that Subject to day, or to

I am with great esteem, yr. Excellencys Most Ob Servt.

Danl. Carroll

P.S. When I underscore with a line any words, I mean that I have some
reason to desire my authority may not be quoted for them.

You will find something worthy notice in the enclosd N Y. paper.


Receiver’s copy, Miscellaneous Folders, New York Public Library.

1 Carroll is referring to his letters to Lee of February 20 and 24

2 Letter not found.

3 Following the committee’s report on March 3, Congress ordered that the
Convention troops held in Virginia and Fredericktown, Md., be
transported to Pennsylvania – the British prisoners to York and the
German prisoners to Lancaster. JCC, 19:229 – 30. See also Samuel
Huntington to Thomas Jefferson, March 4, 1781.