<br /> Lee Letter: n611

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Samuel Huntington
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee


By the enclosed Act of Congress of the 3d
Instant1 your Excellency will be informed
that all the Convention Troops both in Virginia & Maryland are to
be removed to Yorktown & Lancaster, or such other Places in the
State of Pennsylvania as the Executive of that State shall assign for
their reception: and the State of Maryland is requested to superintend
the removal, Safe keeping & Supply of the German Corps, from
Nolands Ferry on Potowmack, and the British now at Frederick town,
through Maryland to the Borders of Pennsylvania, and to continue the
Guards until the British Prisoners arrive at Yorktown & the Germans
at Lancaster, or such other Places as the Executive of Pennsylvania
shall appoint for their reception. The Supplies both for the Prisoners
& Escort are to be furnished by Pennsylvania after they arrive
within the Borders of that State.

If the Prisoners taken by Genl Morgan in the Action at the Cowpens should
be removed to the Northward through Virginia, it is necessary to
include them also.

I need not point out to your Excellency the Necessity & Importance of
supplying a sufficient Guard, & especially a Commanding Officer
equal to the Task, to prevent Desertion or any other Impediment to the
Execution of these Orders.

I suppose the Prisoners in Virginia are now on their Way to Nolands Ferry,
as Governor Jefferson hath already advised me that the Situation of
Affairs in that State compelled him to put them in Motion; and I have
desired him to give your Excellency the earliest Notice of their
Movement, that a Guard might be ready prepared to receive them at the
Borders of Maryland.

It will also be necessary that President Reed have previous seasonable
Notice of the Time when the Prisoners will enter the State of

I have the Honor to be, with very great respect, your Excellency’s most
obedient & most humble Servant,

Sam. Huntington President


Receiver’s copy, Maryland State Papers (Red Books), Maryland Hall of
Records Commission, Annapolis. In a clerical hand and signed by

1 See the preceding entry.

2 For some of the efforts of the Maryland Council to comply with this
congressional request, see Md. Archives, 45:353 – 55, 357 – 58.