<br /> Lee Letter: n630

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Daniel Carroll
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

Dear Sir,

An express just setting out gives me an opportunity of enclosing this days
paper. By some accident no Letter came by the Vessel from L’Orient as I
am informd, not even to the Merchants who have goods on board. The Capt
& an intelligent passenger say, that three fleets saild from Brest
abt. the 20th of March, supposd to be destind for North America, the
West & East Indies. Captn. Josiah left L’Orient the 27th of March.
I will endeavour to see thepassenger & be more particular by next
post. I am very unwilling to write any thing I hear at second or third

I have the Honor to be Yr Excellencys Most Obt Servt.

Danl. Carroll

P.S. The passenger, I am told, left Ireland not much more than 2 Mos. past,
& says that a number of the Volunteer Associators having assembled . . . they were ordered to seperate, [upon th]eir refusing a
Regiment was sent [to disper]se them; an engagement ensued, &
another regiment having reinforced the first, they were both drove
& defeated by the Associators – several regular officers Killd,
among them a Col. Blackwell.


Receiver’s copy, Maryland State Papers (Red Books), Maryland Hall of
Records Commission, Annapolis.