<br /> Lee Letter: n636

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Maryland Delegates
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee


The Express set out on his return to Annapolis before we had time to answer
your Excellencys Letter of 30th Ulto.1 The
Board of War had offered us for some days 1000 stand of Arms if we
could furnish £1000. Specie to pay for Bayonets & repairs; the
apparent distress that our state was likely to be under for want of
them, obliged us to offer our personal Security for the repayment of
this Money in two Months in Specie, or Flour to the amount; and the
board of War in consequence thereof immediately gave the necessary
Orders. But upon Your Letters & one from the President of the
Senate & Speaker of the House of Delegates being laid before
congress, they were referred to the Board of War to take order thereon,
& means furnished them for not only the necessary expences of
repairs, but also for Transportation, by which we are released from our
engagement for the Specie or flour. The board of War has assured us
that in 7 days time 1500 Stand of Arms shall be ready for our State
& 2500 for the State of Virga. & other accoutrements. I am sure
that every thing that can, will be done, and altho the funds of
Congress have been totally exhausted, yet We have the pleasure to
assure you that they have now a small stream that will set our Wheels
in motion.

President Reed has informed us that the assembly of Pennsylvania must pass
an Act before he can set the Militia of the State in motion in
consequence of the Resolution of Congress, and expects this will be
done in a day or two.

Your Excellency has not intimatated to us, the time when we may expect a
supply of Money to defray our necessary expences; we do assure you,
that unless it soon comes to hand we shall be in the most distressed
situation, for altho we could have procured, or at least engaged
£1000 for the purpose of Arming our Troops yet We should be
ashamed to apply to the same quarter for our dayly

We are with the highest regard and respect, Sir, Your Excellencys most
obedient and most humble Servants,

Daniel of St Thos Jenifer.
Danl. Carroll

PS. By an express that was to have set out yesterday afternoon to Head
Quarters (but did not go off ’till this morning) we transmitted to the
General a Copy of the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House
of Delegates Letter to us & doubt not but he will do every thing in
his power towards relieving Virga. & Maryland from their present

If the Embargo Act is not already repealed We think the sooner it is done
the better.

We do not know what has become of Mr. Paca. Since writing the above, Mr
Carroll has informed me that he is about to set out to take the Country
Air for two or three days, in his absence our State will not be
represented. Be pleased to inform Mr. Hanson or Mr. Potts that one of
them ought immediately to set out to Congress. Your obedt Servt.

Daniel of St Thos. Jenifer


Receiver’s copy, Maryland State Papers (Red Books), Maryland Hall of
Records Commission, Annapolis. Written by Jenifer and signed by
Jenifer and Carroll.

1 See Maryland Delegates to William Bruff and George Plater, June 3, 1781,
note 1.

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