<br /> Lee Letter: n639

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Maryland Delegates
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee


Your Excellencys Letters of the 2d & 4th Inst. came to hand last

If Arms are to be had in Philadelphia for Flour, or Tobacco, We shall
endeaver to Contract for them on behalf of the State. We wish that you
had mentioned the time and place of delivery of these Articles;
essentials we apprehend necessary to be known before any person will
engage to make a Contract with us.

Had we experienced the most partial supply of Money, it would have been of
Service. Perhaps the intended Scheme of raising Money from Tobacco may
prove as abortive to us as that of Flour. We have been reduced to the
humiliating circumstance of attempting to borrow without success. If
the Tobo. That Mr. Key is to transport, lies on Potomack, We cannot
hope for any relief from it, as we shall be under the necessity of
decamping before he can get it to this place.

Congress hitherto, has refused to allow the Shipping of Flour for the
purpose of paying Debts contracted by our officers at New York. The
Board of War have wrote to the General to inform them if Clinton will
allow us to Ship Tobacco for that purpose.2
As soon as they receive an Answer we shall transmit to you the result.

We are with the highest esteem and respect, Sir, Your Excellencys most
Obedient and most humble Servants,

Daniel of St Thos Jenifer
Danl. Carroll

PS. Be pleased to forward the inclosed.3


Receiver’s copy, Maryland State Papers (Red Books), Maryland Hall of
Records Commission, Annapolis. Written by Jenifer and signed by
Jenifer and Carroll.

1 For the Maryland Council’s second letter of June 2 concerning the purchase
of arms from Philadelphia merchants for flour or tobacco, and its
June 4 letter regarding the shipment of tobacco to be sold for the
support of the state’s delegates in Philadelphia, see Md. Archives,
45:458, 461.

2 See Maryland Delegates to Lee, May 19, 1781, note.

3 Not identified.