<br /> Lee Letter: n658

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Maryland Delegates
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee


A favourable occasion offering to obtain from Congress particular
passports, for the importation of a quantity of salt into our State, we
made an application for that purpose, & the Letter you will receive
herewith from the President, contains the resolves of Congress thereon,
& the passports.1

Mr. Mullahon has only sold 12 hogsheads of Tobacco – the proceeds of which
divided between Mr. Potts & ourselves have afforded a very Scanty
relief. The Tobacco on hand being from the Lower warehouses, & bad
in quallity, will hardly command any price; the charges being paid,
very little will be put into our pockets – Unless we can receive
assistance some other way, we shall remain under very great
difficulties, or shall be oblig’d to part with the Tobacco on terms,
very disadvantagious to the State.

Mr. John Ross inform’d Mr Mullahon that he wanted abt Six hundred Barrls.
of flour at Baltimore, & that he wou’d supply us with Money if you
cou’d let him have that quantity, or a part of it. If you shoud be of
opinion, that it wou’d be to the advantage of the State to persue that
measure, until a reasonable price can be obtaind for the Tobacco (Mr
Mullahon says 15/ per Ct in cash cannot be obtained for what he has on
hand) we shall be glad to receive your directions to treat with Mr
Ross, or any other person who may want flour in Baltimore.

We have the honor to be with great esteem, Your Excellencys Mo Obt. &
very Hble Serts.

Danl. Carroll
Daniel of St Thos Jenifer

21st. The president informs us that he has forwarded the passports.


Receiver’s copy, Maryland State Papers (Red Books), Maryland Hall of
Records Commission, Annapolis. Written by Carroll and signed by
Carroll and Jenifer.

1 See Thomas McKean to Lee, August 15, 1781.