<br /> Lee Letter: n666

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Daniel Carroll
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

Dear Sir,

Mr. Buchanan has taken charge of 3 Lbs of Hyson tea and three pr. of
Callimanco Shoes for Mrs Lee. The Shoemaker has another pr. on hand – he
wishes Mrs Lee woud leave an old Shoe with him, instead of sending the
measure, which is not so certain. I am sorry your great coat is so long
delay’d; Cottringer informs me he has continued his enquirys for the
green Baze, but can find none; tho’, he believes it is in the Stores,
not yet opend.

The Minister has receiv’d a few lines from the Count de Grass dated the
13th. It is short – in Substance that upon the British fleets appearing
he put to sea when an engagement ensud in which the van of the British
Fleet was very roughly handled. The fleets continued near each other
for several days when the British went of, & the importance of the
grand object in view – brought the Count back to his Station; & that
Monsr. Barras had arrivd in the mean time – the Iris & Richmond
having endeavourd to cut the cables of the Bouys left in the Bay fell
in with Count De Grass – Rivington says more for the French, than the
Count himself has done. See the enclosd paper. Besides the damage done
the fleet in the action, we have information that can be depended on
that the Robust & Prudent which lay at N York, are in so bad a
condition that they are both condemnd, & that they must take out
one of their batteries [be]fore they sail for Europe. I believe one or
both those Vessels were in the action in the Spring with Monsr. Ds
Artouches,1 which probably put them into
their present bad Condition.

On the Return of the fleet to N York Clinton relanded his troops, they are
chiefly on Staten Island. The heavy cannon were taken off the grand
battery in the night, in order it is suppos’d to strengthen their
batteries on the Narrows.

I Beg you to let me Know how many men there are in the 3d & 4th Regt
for the war or 3 years & the Term the others are to Serve.

My respectful Comps to yr Lady, yrs Dr Sr. with great regard & esteem,

Danl. Carroll

PS. I have just heard and believe that Digby with 1 90 & 2 74 Gun Ships
are arrivd at the Hook. Turn over.2


Receiver’s copy, Emmet Collection, New York Public Library.

1 That is, French admiral Destouches.

2 If Carroll intended to add further information to his footnote on the verso
of this page, he failed to do so.