<br /> Lee Letter: n667

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Daniel Carroll
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

Dear Sir

I return you many thanks for your favor of the 25th – & shall act
accordingly. Mr. Buchanan carried a few lines to you with 3 pr. of
Shoes & 3 lb of Hyson Tea. I expected he woud have left me some
Memorandums he had from you: if they are sent or any others, I shall
endeavour to execute them.

The papers contain all the intelligence I can give you, except I add that
from the information we have receivd there is reason to believe the
British fleet has sufferd more in the action than what the French
Admiral himself conceived. The Terrible is certainly lost, the
Vengeance Spoken of as sunk or missing, the Princessa very much damagd,
and three or four others wanting repairs. Digby is arriv’d with one 90
& two 74 Gun ships, and the King of Englands 3d Son. A Letter of
good authority says the Yellow fever rages very much among the Troops
in New York.

Present my Comps. to Mrs. Lee. I am Dear Sr., Your respectful & affecte
Hble Sev,

Danl. Carroll


Receiver’s copy, Lee, Horsey, and Carroll Papers deposit (1985), Maryland
Historical Society.