<br /> Lee Letter: n676

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Daniel Carroll
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

Dear Sir,

Capn. Swan will deliver you the Camblet, Baze & Velvet for your great
Coat. On receiving your Letter I applied at the House where Mr Buchanan
lodg’d to know if he had left any cloth &c but coud not find he
had; he mentiond to me that he shoud leave some memorandums of things
to be got for you, in Case he did not procure them himself, but not
hearing any thing more from him about them, I concluded he had taken
them with him – & Mr A Hanson tells me, that Mr Buchanan inform’d him
at Baltimore your Cloth &ca was on the way down. I therefore hope
you have receivd them before this time. We will settle when I have the
pleasure to meet you, I expect that will be in Novr. but how early I
cannot ascertain – two things may retard my return as Soon as I wish.
Congress is at this time very thinly represented, and as the
Major2 Returns about the Middle of Novr. it
is possible in order to keep up a Congress Maryland shou’d remain
represented, to Say nothing of the great delay of Material Business
when there are only seven or eight States, as it requires Seven to
agree. I am afraid the State of my finances will be another difficulty.
Mullahon has made Sale of the tobacco, but on credit, & it is
uncertain whether I can negotiate & Settle my accounts here at that
fund. I am anxious to be down in the 2d week of November for many
reasons, among others I Shall feel myself in an awkard situation to be
here at the time the delegates to Congress are chosen. It has in some
degree the appearance of a confidence that I Shall be continued, and I
must acknowledge to you being on the Spot here it wou’d be Some
mortification to me to [be] left out – for these reasons I shall be down
if possible.3

Present my Comps. to Mrs Lee. I am Dr. Sr. with great esteem, Yr. Afft.
Hble Serv.

Danl. Carroll

P.S. I believe the report of Gillons arrival was premature.


Receiver’s copy, Gratz Collection, Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

1 Although Carroll left the day of this letter blank, it may be conjectured
that he wrote it on the 23rd since eleven of the twelve identified
letters that Carroll sent to Lee from August 21 to October 16 were
written on Tuesday or post day. His speculation about returning to
Maryland “in the 2d week of November” rather than “in two weeks”
makes the following Tuesday, October 30, a less likely date. He also
points out in his postscript that the report of Capt. Alexander
Gillon’s return from France, which Carroll had transmitted to Lee in
his letter of October 9, “was premature,” an observation that John
Hanson had already made in his October 16 letter to Lee.

2 That is, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, for whose departure see Jenifer to
Lee, October 22, 1781, note 3.

3 It is evident from the journals that Carroll remained in Philadelphia
during the month of November, but was nonetheless reelected to
Congress on November 28. See JCC, 21:1100, 1114, 1119 – 21, 1130,
1147 – 48, 1151 – 52.