<br /> Lee Letter: n706

Washington and Lee University

Sender: John Hanson
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

My Dear sir,

I am honored with your Excellencys letter of the 28th ult. Yesterday
Congress received a Copy of the Massachusetts impost Law passed in the
manner recommend[ed].1 It establishes 5 Per
Cent Duty on all imported Goods (Salt, and wire for Cotton & Wool
Cards excepted), and is to Continue untill the public Debt &
Interest is descharged, but is not to take place untill Similar Laws
are passed by all the states. Rhode Island is the only State that has
not Complyed, but it is said, as Massachusetts have Come into that
measure, it will be immediately adopted by that state. I wish our Law
had passed without a limitation, it is such a deviation from the
general recommendation, And so dissimilar in that respect to the Laws
that have passed in the other States, that I am apprehensive it may
occasion Some difficulties, those states that may have with reluctance
Come into the measure may be glad of Such An Excuse for not Carrying
the law into Execution. I believe Congress would be glad to receive the
Law passed in our state as soon as may be Convenient. I am Obliged to
trouble your Excellency on the score of my allowance. I have received
but fifty pounds Since March. I have now due to me near £200.
£50 of the hundred which Mr Hollingsworth was ordered to pay out
of the money arrising from the Sale of some Iron, it seems he has
applyed another way, and from what he says I have little Expectation of
receiving Any from him in a Short time. He says he is ordered to Sell
wheat to Supply the Delegates, but that the price is too low at this
time. I assure you Sir – that I am distressed for want of money and hope
your Excellency and the Honorable Council will furnish me with two
hundred pounds as soon as possible.

Lippancut is not yet given up, but it is expected he will in a Short time.
No news more than you will find in the inclosed paper.

I am my Dr sir
with the highest esteem and regard, Yr Excellencys most humble Servt,



Receiver’s copy, Lee, Horsey, and Carroll Papers deposit (1985), Maryland
Historical Society.

1 See JCC, 22:361.

2 Hanson also wrote a brief personal note to his son-in-law, Philip Thomas,
this date, which is in the Hanson Papers, MdHi.