<br /> Lee Letter: n708

Washington and Lee University

Sender: John Hanson
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

My De[ar sir,]

The post did not Arrive here till late last night. Your Excellencys favor
of the 5th I have just this Moment [received.] I must beg your
Excellencys attention for Supp[ort], I […] without cash and am
paying at the rate of tw[?] and […] Interest Per month. I have
the pleasure to inform you from official Authority, that on the 21st
May the Enemy Came out in force from Savannah to Hains’s Bridge about
Seven miles – where they were met by General Wayn And totally
routed.1 The attack was made about twelve
o’Clock at night by the van-guard of G. Wayns Army which was
ordered to Charge & which was done with Such resolution and
vivacity as to immediately terminate in the total defeat and dispersion
of all the British Cavalry and a large body of infantry the whole
Commanded by a Colo Brown. The Enemy plunged in a dispersed manner into
a thick Swamp, which and under Cover of the night Screened them from
total ruin. They lost a great Proportion of their Arms and Horses Which
they abandoned to procure personal Safety. Many are Killed and some
wounded – Chiefly with the Sword and Bayonets and a number made
prisoners. Between twenty & thirty of […] horses [have]
fallen into our hands and Several more were […] on the spot and
a great number are yet Straggling in [the s]wamp and such was the
dispersed State of the dragoons [and] infantry that they Continued
droping in by twos & threes [many] maimed, even Colo Brown and
Lieut Colo Ingram did n[ot find their] way to town ’till the second
night after the Action a[nd were] unattended.

I have the honor to be with much esteem & regard, Your Excellencys most
hble Servt,


We lost only 5 privates Killed & two wounded.


Receiver’s copy, Lee, Horsey, and Carroll Papers deposit (1985), Maryland
Historical Society.

1 Anthony Wayne reported this account of his victory over the British forces
defending Savannah in a letter of May 24 to Gen. Nathanael Greene,
which Greene enclosed in a May 31 letter to President Hanson that was
read in Congress this day. PCC, item 155, 2:457 – 64.