<br /> Lee Letter: n728

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Daniel Carroll
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee

Dear sir,

I have apply’d to Way again, and can obtain nothing but promises from him,
which I am very sorry for as I am afraid Mrs Lee will be disappointed.
I will try him again.1

We remain without any official intelligence respecting the Negotiations – or
any other matter of Consequence. The British fleet consisting of 14 of
the line & some frigates saild from New York the 26 Octo., it is
said without Troops; some private letters say with 5 thousand.

I hope to present my Comps to yr Lady & to all enquiring friends.

I am, Dr. Sr with great regard & esteem, Yr. Affte & Obt Sevt,

Danl. Carroll


Receiver’s copy, Lee, Horsey, and Carroll Papers deposit (1988), Maryland
Historical Society.

1 Carroll had also written the following comments on this subject to Lee on
October 28. “Way has wrote me that he will pay in a few days. The
Intendant has wrote to me that he coud not assist me with any part of
the Balla[nce] due me for the last year. Notwithstanding I have
Practiced the strictest frugality I find myself in a very disagreable
situation.” Lee, Horsey, and Carroll Papers deposit, MdHi.

And he wrote the following brief note to Lee on November 12. “Genl.
Williams deliverd yr favor with the money from Mrs. Digges. Way has
promised to pay this week. I hope he will comply that I may have it
in my Power to procure what you directed.” Ibid.