<br /> Lee Letter: n735

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Arthur Lee
Recipient: Abigail Adams

Dear Madam,

I arrivd in Philadelphia this day1 & had the
honor of receiving your Commands of the 9th. Tho’ we were exceedingly
desirous of the assitance of Mr. Adams in what yet remains to be done
in Europe; yet his

Letters were so pressing, that the Committee to whom they were referrd coud
not resist reporting in favor of his resignation. Congress have not yet
considerd that report; but I think, Madam, you may rely upon it, that
leave will be given as he requests.2

I shall participate with you in the pleasure of his return, after so long a
sacrifice as he has made to the peace & prosperity of His Country.
Her gratitude will I hope never forget, the essential services he has
renderd. A french frigate, that left France, the beginning of March,
arrivd here two days since; but did not bring one line for Congress. We
learn however, that the general Treaty was not then settled.

I have the honor to be with the truest sentiments of respect & esteem,
Dear Madam, Yr. most Obedt. & most humbl. Servt.

Arthur Lee


Receiver’s copy, Adams Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

1 For Lee’s recent trip to Virginia and return to Philadelphia, see James
Madison to Edmund Randolph, April 1, 1783, note 5.

2 Congress had considered the committee’s report on April 1, but had
postponed accepting John Adams’ resignation, for which see James
Madison’s Notes of Debates, April 1, note 7.