<br /> Lee Letter: n743

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Samuel Holten
Recipient: Samuel Adams

Dear Sir,

On Friday last we had a large packet of letters from our ministers in
Europe, but by an order of Congress, there contents are to be kept
secret for the present; therefore whatever I may write further is not
to be considered as intelligence contained in sd

Yesterday the delegates from Masstts. engaged all the attention of Congress
to lowering the salaries of the officers in the civil
departments,2 but nothing is yet determined
respecting the matter or the other important affairs, that so much
respects our constituents; I can’t but hope the honl. Court will think
it adviseable not to comply with the recommendations of Congress,
respecting the impost, untill we can get some determination upon the
important matters we have so often invited their attention to, for if
they should, I almost despair that we shall be able to get any thing
done here at present. A.3

I believe I mentioned in my last4 that Dr. Lee
was become my neighbor, since which we have formed a club that meets in
my department, & I have no doubt we shall be able to support the
true republican principles, for awhile, but how long it may continue is
uncertain for Congress are a changeable body; being out of the city
favors our proceedings, but great pains have been & are taking to
get Congress to return, but I think they will not succeed at present. I
am, with perfect respect & great consideration,

your most obedient,


File copy, Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia. In the hand
of Samuel Holten.

1 See James Madison to Edmund Randolph, September 3, note 1 (not in current

2 See JCC, 25:571 – 77; and Massachusetts Delegates to the Massachusetts
Senate, July 31, note 3, and to Massachusetts Assembly Committee,
September 11, 1783.

3 Holten also used this paragraph as the body of three brief letters he
drafted the following day, and merely added this “A” to designate the
portion inserted in those letters. The draft of his September 18
letter to “Josiah Batchelder Esqr.” is in the Holten Papers, DLC;
those addressed to the “Honorable Genl. [Michael] Farley” and to
“Capt. John Gardner” are in the Holten Papers at MHi. To Gardner he
also added that “By the leave of providence, I hope to have the
pleasure of paying you my personal respects, the first week of Decr.

4 See Holten to Adams, August 14, 1783.