<br /> Lee Letter: n760

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Arthur Lee
Recipient: Theodorick Bland

Dear Bland,

How comes it that I have not receivd one line from you, tho’ I have written
so often. Has the uncommon rigor of the winter froze up all the genial
currents of friendship & the Soul. Has the frost also reachd Mrs.
Blands heart? We have wanted some of the effusions both of friendship
& fancy to console us here. Why will you keep them all to

The Chevalier de la Luzerne is here. I askd him whether he intended
visiting you. He says it will be impracticable. He leaves America for
Europe in August. I beleive M. de M – – 1 has
not treated him fairly, & that he has been undermind.

We have appointed the Generals Clarke, Wolcot, Greene & Butler &
Mr. Higgenson Commissioners to treat with the Indians. The Treaty to be
held as soon as possible. Genl. Schyler will be added

A plan is preparing to put the department of finance into Commission &
regulate its powers.3 The Superintendent
professes his intention of resigning in May. But I observe his
partizans are much against the Report. Therefore either he is insincere
or they servile. Perhaps both.

We talk of adjourning in May & leaving a Committee of the States. It
will I think be wrong; but some Members are so afraid of a southern
Climate in the Summer, that they take it for granted they shall die
unless they adjourn.

My love to Mrs. Bland. Compts. to Mr. Tucker.



Receiver’s copy, Theodorus Bailey Myers Collection, New York Public

1 That is, the marquis de Barbé-Marbois.

2 For Philip Schuyler’s election this day, see JCC, 26:207 – 8.

3 See Committee of Congress to Robert Morris, March 30, note 1.