<br /> Lee Letter: n770

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: the Marquis de Lafayette

My dear Sir,

I have the honor to enclose you a letter for the Minister plenipotentiary
of the United States, at the court of his most Christian Majesty, which
covers a letter to our great and good Ally, a copy of which I have also
the pleasure to enclose for your
satisfaction.1 I assure you my dear friend
that I feel myself singularly happy in observing the unanimous
disposition that prevails in Congress to promote your glory, for I do
most sincerely wish you every felicity that this world can

I am, with unfeigned esteem and regard, My dear Sir, Your affectionate

Richard Henry Lee


Letter book, Papers of Continental Congress, item 16, U.S. National
Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

1 See the preceding entry.

2 Lafayette had arrived in America in August 1784 to renew acquaintances and
rekindle wartime memories, and after an ambitious tour that took him
from New York to Philadelphia, Mount Vernon, Albany, Boston,
Richmond, Annapolis, and Trenton, he had returned to New York to
embark for France. When it had received an announcement of his
pending return home, Congress had appointed a special committee of
one member from each state to receive him, which reported on December
13 the results of their reception of the marquis this day. For
Lafayette’s trip to America, and his reception by Congress at this
time, see Lafayette, Papers (Idzerda), 5:232 – 89; Washington, Papers
(Abbot), Confederation Series, 2:28 – 29, 84 – 85, 103 – 4, 165, 175 – 76,
194, 226 – 28; and JCC, 27:673 – 74, 679 – 80, 682 – 85.