<br /> Lee Letter: n780

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Thomas Lee Shippen

Thanks his nephew for clothing that Shippen’s tailor had made for
him,1 and complains of some loss in the sale
of his horses. “I have not yet got into my
House,2 but I have hired a very spacious and
elegant one, where I shall be very happy to see you & your worthy
father. The people here are very hospitable and kind I assure you. If
it is in my power to serve your friend
Cutting,3 I will do it with much pleasure
upon your knowledge and opinion of him.”


Receiver’s copy, Shippen Family Papers, Library of Congress. Lee, Letters
(Ballagh), 2:324 – 25.

1 In a letter to Shippen of January 17, Lee had observed that “Mr. Barthold
has by this time I suppose rigged me out in such a manner as to
convert the old President into a young Beau. Very well, if for the
good of my Country I must be a Beau, why I will be a Beau.” Ibid.,
pp. 322 – 23.

2 In his January 17 letter Lee had also informed Shippen that he had “hired
Mrs. Franklins house. … It is a very elegant House, and
provided with every accommodation.” The house belonged to the widow
of New York merchant Walter Franklin, Maria Bowen Franklin, who
married Samuel Osgood the following spring. The Osgoods later rented
the house to Washington when he became President. DAB.

3 See Lee to William Shippen, February 7, note 1.