<br /> Lee Letter: n787

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Thomas Lee Shippen

Acknowledges Shippen’s letter of the 15th, received this day. “I delivered
the enclosed Almanac to Mr. Hardy who returns you his thanks. Colo.
Livingston delivered me your letter immediately on his arrival in this
City, and I should certainly have answered it long before now, if I had
not been prevented by ill health, and great pressure of business. You
need not doubt my affectionate attention to you, and I rely upon your
goodness always to attribute my silence to good reasons. I am from all
parts of the U.S. written to in my private capacity, so that I am at
this moment at least 20 letters in arrear to my correspondents. To
answer them all punctually would at once destroy my health, and prevent
all attention to public business. I do assure you that the business,
and the ceremonies of my office, are too much for my feeble state of
health.” Explains settlement of his accounts with Shippen’s tailor and
for transportation of his horses to Virginia. “I pray you my dear Sir
not to forget my Gun & Sword that I left under your care. The first
to be cleaned, and the locks to be put in order and prevented from
falling at half bent. I wished to know the expence of refitting the


Receiver’s copy, Shippen Family Papers, Library of Congress. Lee, Letters
(Ballagh), 2:336 – 37.

1 In a subsequent letter of February 22 Lee adjusted his tailor and horse
accounts and inquired about the repair of his chariot, and on March 3
he again inquired about the repair of his chariot, gun, and sword.
Ibid., pp. 337 – 38, 340 – 41.