<br /> Lee Letter: n793

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Walter Livingston
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee


I learn with pleasure that Mr. Osgood has accepted of the appointment of
one of the Commissioners of the Board of

The confidence I have in this Gentlemans Character has determined me to add
my best endeavours in rendering every service to the Public, in the
arduous Department, to which the Suffrages of the United States have
been pleased to call me, which the present state of the Revenue will
admit of.

Your Excellency will therefore be pleased to Signify to Congress for my
acceptance of the Honorable Trust reposed in me, and to assure them
that I enter into the Execution of the Office, with a diffidence which
nothing can alleviate but a well grounded hope that the Members of
Congress will give every support to the Department, which its present
Situation, and general importance claims: and that they will use their
influence with their Respective States, on whose exertions all must
ultimately depend, to comply chearfully and without delay with such
requisitions as the United States shall judge necessary.

I have the honor to be, Your Excell’s Most Huml Servt

Walter Livingston


Receiver’s copy, Papers of Continental Congress, item 78, U.S. National
Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

1 See Rufus King to Elbridge Gerry, March 20, note 4.