<br /> Lee Letter: n806

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Thomas Lee Shippen

Explains to his nephew why payment for his “Sword Cutler” has been delayed,
provides direction for the shipment of his chaise or “Chair” from
Philadelphia to New York by water, and thanks his brother-in-law, Dr.
William Shippen, Jr., for procuring his servant who has “just arrived.”
As for dining in New York: “The Black fish, Sheepshead, & Sea Bass
are now numerous & fine. I wish most sincerely that we had our good
Brothers – your father – company here to assist in the discussion of some
of them. Besides, the Champaign, Claret, Madiera & Muscat are good.
I know that your philosophy is above temptation – Yet I cannot help
wishing now that the inducements might so far prevail as to give us the
pleasure of your company a while. It will be unfortunate for us if Mr.
Gardoque should not be a Smoker and so not be provided with Havanna
Segars. The most worthy Don Juan Miralles used to supply us so
copiously that he has occasioned us to loose all appetite for other
smoking. … His most Chn. Majesty has just announced to Congress
the birth of another Son called Duke of


Receiver’s copy, Shippen Family Papers, Library of Congress.

1 This March 27 announcement from the French king was read in Congress June 6
and referred to secretary for foreign affairs John Jay who drafted a
congratulatory reply for Congress which was approved June 14. See
JCC, 28:433n, 457 – 58; and PCC, item 190, fol. 44.