<br /> Lee Letter: n811

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Thomas Lee Shippen

My dear Nephew,

If you should not have shipped my Chair for this place before you receive
this letter I beg you not to remove it from Philadelphia until you hear
further from me. My former illness has returned upon me with such
increased violence, that unless a change soon takes place I must either
quit this City & business for change of air and quiet, or else
certainly deposit my remains here.1

My love
to all with you & to yourself sincerely.

Richard Henry Lee


Receiver’s copy, Shippen Family Papers, Library of Congress.

1 Two days later, however, Lee was able to report that “When I wrote you last
Monday, I had been under so severe an affliction by the Gouty matter
attacking my Bowels for some days, that I was quickly reduced very
low – So that if a change had not taken place, the consequences would
certainly have been very bad – I am happy however now to inform you
that a change has taken place so much for the better as to render it
not necessary for you to postpone the sending of my Chair here to me
by water. … Give my love to yr worthy father & tell him
that it was forgetfulness altogether that occasioned me to omit
returning by Mr. [Joseph] Harrison the Money that he was so kind as
to advance to the Servant, but it shall be done by the next
opportunity.” Shippen Family Papers, DLC. Lee, Letters (Ballagh),
2:374 – 75.