<br /> Lee Letter: n824

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: the Conde de Floridablanca


The letter that your Excellency did me the honor to write to me on the 8th
of October last, was delivered to me by Sr. Dn. Diego de Gardoque
immediately on his arrival.1 Being soon
after much indisposed, it became necessary for me to retire from
Congress for the recovery of my health, and that circumstance deprived
me of the pleasure of writing to your Excellency by a more early
conveyance. The appointment of Mr. Gardoque gave great satisfaction to
the United States, and I flatter myself that the manner in which he was
received, and will continue to be treated, will be perfectly agreeable
to his Catholic Majesty. Be assured Sir that it is the sincere wish of
this Country, not only to be on good terms with, but to cultivate the
friendship of the Spanish Monarchy; and I am warranted to add, that the
United States will chearfully join in concerting and concluding such
friendly and commercial connections with his Majesty, as by properly
settling territorial questions, and regulating the intercourse of the
two nations on principles of reciprocity, may produce and perpetuate
mutual harmony and good will between them. I pray God to bless your
Excellency with long life, health, and happiness.

With every
consideration of high esteem and respect I have the honor to be Sir
your Excellencies most obedient & most humble servant,

Richard Henry Lee. P.


File copy, Lee Papers, American Philosophical Society. In the hand of
Richard Henry Lee.

1 For Lee’s receipt of this letter and referral of it to Congress and to the
secretary for foreign affairs, John Jay, see Lee to Jay, September
11. Upon receiving Floridablanca’s letter from Congress, Jay drafted
a response which he submitted to Congress October 6. The present
text, which is the one copied into the presidential letterbook (PCC,
item 16, fols. 322 – 23), varies only slightly from Jay’s draft. Cf.
JCC, 29:809.