<br /> Lee Letter: n838

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Henry Lee
Recipient: George Washington

My dear Genl

I did myself the honor to write to you some days
past:1 since which an Arabian stud horse has
arrived in this City & has been announced in the Gazettes a present
to you, from his Catholic Majesty. I consider it not improper to inform
you that the printers have mistaken the matter, the horse being sent to
Mr. Jay.2

Our fœderal distresses gather fast to a point. New Jersey has refused the
requisition, and will grant not a shilling, till New York accedes to
the impost.3 Perhaps this intemperance in
Jersey may bring this state to acquiesce in a system of finance long
ago approved by ten states & whose operation might have saved the
difficultys which impend over the Union.

I intended to have sent you Mr. Ramsays late publication, entitled The
Revolution of So. Carolina but am anticipated by the Author who
forwarded you a sett by a vessel from this port to

Gordon’s history has not yet made its
appearance5 & many hope never may; as
the character & genius of the writer illy corresponds with the

I hope your lady enjoys her health & beg to be presented to her.

I have the honor to be, dear sir, Your most aff h sert,

Henry Lee Jur

[P.S.] Mr Jays narrative of his late altercation
with Mr. Littlepage accompanys this.


Receiver’s copy, Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

1 That is, on February 16.

2 Erroneous information concerning Charles III’s gift of an Arabian stallion
to Washington rather than to John Jay appeared in the
Independent Journal or the General
for March 1 and 4, the New York
for March 2, and the New York
for March 6. For Jay’s exchange of correspondence with Don
Diego de Gardoqui regarding the horse and his March 1 request to
Congress for permission to accept the gift (to which Congress
consented on March 3), see JCC, 30:95; PCC,
item 80, 2:169 – 73, item 97, fols. 128 – 33; and Charles Thomson to Jay,
March 3.

3 See Charles Thomson to Nathaniel Gorham, William Grayson, and Charles
Pinckney, March 7.

4 See David Ramsay to Washington, February 22.

5 For William Gordon’s “history,” see Ramsay to Gordon, January 18, note.