<br /> Lee Letter: n843

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Henry Lee
Recipient: Henry Lee, Sr.

My dear father

I have not heard from Leesylvania but thro Mr. C Lee since my arrival at
Newyork. In obedience to your order I have paid three hundred dollars
to Doctor Witherspoon and enclose his receipt. I did not know when I
made this payment that the sum required was 95£ four shillings or
I should have paid the whole demand. This I will rectify as soon as I
can. The Doctor complains bitterly of the injury which he sustains by
the difference of the interest received from you and to be paid by him
for Money which your debt would have supplied, had your remittances
been punctual.

We have very gloomy prospects with respect to national faith, dignity &
importance. Indeed unless matters soon alter, the United States must
inevitably become more insignificant than words can express. Every
state in the Union but this, have granted the impost to Congress;
whether New-york will or will not, is yet a matter of doubt. The house
of delegates have passed a bill yeilding the duty of five per cent on
imports for 25 years but have cramped it with certain modifications
which will render the system unoperative for another year, unless the
senate should amend the bill in its passage. The Feby. packet from
Great Britain and from France have arrived. No news worthy of
communication has yet transpired. I enclose the Gazette of this day.

How do the taxes collect with you; how are the people, willing and able;
how proceds the elections for this year; much contest or perfect

Will you oblige me so far as to take measures for having my house repaired
in Dumfries and the lot enclosed. I apprehend from its condition when I
left Virga. that it must fall to the ground if longer delayed, and I
really cannot engage any person to undertake it for me. Whatever money
may be requisite, I trust it will be in my power to ad vance when
called for. Present my most respectful love to Mamma, to my sister
& to the little ones.

I am your affect. son,

H. Lee Junr.


Receiver’s copy, Edmund Jennings Lee Papers, Virginia Historical Society.