<br /> Lee Letter: n846

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Nathaniel Gorham


The enclosed papers that I have the honor of transmitting to your
Excellency for the consideration of Congress I have but now received
altho they are dated in the last year.1

I am perfectly satisfied that this demand of Mr. Schweighauser will be
found, on due enquiry, to be right; and that this worthy Gentleman who
has been long injuriously baffled of his honest demand plainly against
the will of Congress, will now be fully paid by the effectual measures
that Congress in their wisdom and justice shall direct.

I have the
honor to be, with sentiments of the most perfect respect & esteem,
Sir, your Excellencies most obedient and very humble servant,

Richard Henry Lee.


Receiver’s copy, Papers of Continental Congress, item 78, U.S. National
Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

1 According to Charles Thomson’s despatch and committee books, Lee enclosed a
letter of September 26, 1785, from the firm of Schweighauser and
Dobrée reasserting a five-year-old claim for 40,245 livre for
outfitting the Continental frigate
Allianceunder Capt. Pierre Landais. It was
read July 13 and referred to the board of treasury which subsequently
received other documents relating to the claim. The firm was
attempting to settle the estate of the late John Daniel Schweighauser
who had been appointed, with his son-in-law and partner Peter F.
Dobrée, Continental commercial agent in Nantes in

1778. When the board of treasury reported on October 16, Congress adopted a
resolution giving the minister at Paris, Thomas Jefferson, broad
discretion in adjusting the account with Schweighauser’s agents??a
resolution that John Jay transmitted to Jefferson the following day.
Despite his diligent efforts to unravel and to settle the claim over
the next three years, it remained unpaid until the early 19th
century. See JCC, 20:590, 21:899, 907, 30:400,
31:878 – 80; PCC, item 185, 3:169, item 190, fol. 109; these
Letters, 9:62, 13:369, 14:558 – 59, 21:418;
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