<br /> Lee Letter: n863

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Henry Lee
Recipient: Edmund Randolph


In conformity to the usage of the delegation I had the honor to address the
executive eight days past, since which period nothing interesting has

Public business of every sort progress lento pede, owing to the irregular
representation in Congress, or in other words, to the radical
inadequacy of the government to its objects.

We are now flattered with the prospect of nine states, which rare event, we
will not fail, to use in bringing into view the meeting of commercial
commissioners deputed by the states of Virginia &
Maryland.1 The report of the death of the
count de Vergennes is since confirmed by letters from Mr. Jefferson.
This celebrated statesman is succeeded by the Marquis of Montmorin a
particular friend & co-adjutor of the departed premier, which
precludes the probability of change in the political system of France.

I have the honor to be, with due consideration & respect your most obt

Henry Lee Junr


Receiver’s copy, Continental Congress Papers, Library of Virginia.

1 See Edward Carrington to Randolph, April 2, note 3. See also Lee to
Randolph, May 15, note 1.