<br /> Lee Letter: n864

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Henry Lee
Recipient: Edmund Randolph


The delegation have not had the honor of a letter from your Excellency for
three weeks, on our part the correspondence has been regularly

In conformity to the information contained in my last we brought before
Congress a report of a committee to whom was referred the resolutions
of the Legislature of Virga. relative to the meeting of commercial
deputys from that state & Maryland.

The enclosed extract from the Journals will shew the sense of Congress on
this business.1

It was with reluctance that the desire of our country was denied, but it
was considered as indispensably necessary on a national view of the

The opposition contended that all partial regulations of commerce were
impolitic as they tended to procrastinate and impede the adoption of a
general system, & might lead to seperate interests which might
beget seperate leagues & ultimately produce divisions of the Union,
which event is deprecated by all who feel for the dignity &
happiness of these states.

At present we have not more than six states, nor is there a probability of
an encrease during the sitting of the f¬úderal

I have the honor to be sir, most respectfully your ob h ser,

Henry Lee Junr.


Receiver’s copy, Continental Congress Papers, Library of Virginia.

1 See JCC, 22:271 – 72; and Edward Carrington to Randolph, April 2, note 3.

2 See the preceding entry, note 9.