My dear sir.

We have the pleasure of having received just now your letter of the 20th July, but our joy is much diminished by the information it contains,
relative to your own health. We hope sincerely that long since you have recovered from the severe fit under which you laboured when you wrote
your letter, & that it has concluded this visit of the gout. Your account of the prospect of our crop is very pleasing but since the date
of this intelligence, has happend the violent storm, whose effects I so much apprehended, & of which I have not yet heard. Whenever you see
Carter pray press him to make ample provision of hay for winter use, & when you see Panton urge him to finish my house in due season for
our return, which will be in October.

Congress are yet engaged concerning the temporary residence of the fœderal Govt. N York will probably succeed notwithstanding the ardent love
which so many bear to Philada. & therefore Potomac will have a good chance for the permanent residence. At all events I think that the ten
miles square may be to the south of the Susquehannah which will assist in its consequences very much the trade of the Chesapeake.

Mrs. Lee desires me to tell you expressly that she has undergone a change much for the better, that she feels the most grateful sense of your
constant endeavors to restore her health, & that she hopes to be able to manifest for a length of years the love she bares to you, to
her aunt & her other friends of Chantilly. Is Henry weaned.

Adieu, most truely yours,

H. Lee

11th August. Mrs. Lee is unwell this morning. The burning & tingling has returned.


Receiver’s copy, Lee Family Papers, University of Virginia Library.