<br /> Lee Letter: n891

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Henry Lee
Recipient: Henry Lee, Sr.

My dear sir1

I have but one moment leisure now, being so lately arrived, unprovided with
quarters & the post about leaving the city to transmit to you the

Mr. W. situation is deplorable, I am told he is much in debt & the
interest of 7 per cent which he pays accumulates [fa]st. Indeed a heavy
Judgement will fall on him in the spring term.

He writes to me very pressingly & I loose no time in my communication.
Was it in my power I would instantly pay the debt. I will at every loss
pay the 50£ you lent me, if you can send a bill for 100£
sterling to him at once it will very much please and assist him.

Eight states are only assembled. We daily expect the delegates from the
other states, when the affairs of the empire will be introduced.

My love to my mother & sister. Your aff. son,

Henry Lee Junr.


Receiver’s copy, Leesburg Papers (8557-a), University of Virginia Library.

1 Henry Lee, Sr. (1729 – 1787) of Leesylvania in Prince William Co., Va., was a
lawyer who married the wealthy Lucy Grymes in 1753. He was a justice
of the peace and county lieutenant and served in the House of
Burgesses, 1758 – 76, the Virginia conventions, 1775 – 76, and the
Virginia Senate, 1780. See also the letter of April 19 from Henry
Lee, Jr., to his father in these Letters, 23:244.