<br /> Lee Letter: n1

Washington and Lee University
Robert E. Lee

Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte

West Point [New York]

31 May 1854

My dear Mr Bonaparte

I am very glad to hear that you & Jerome are about to embark for France. It will be as agreable to you as beneficial to him, & I think you can fairly take great pleasure in comparing him with his Princely relatives. Where worth makes the man & rank is but the stamp, his head can tower as lofty as the best.

I am very sorry that you will not have time to pay us a visit, but can readily understand your engagements. You forget that the Examination commences tomorrow, when you speak of my being in New York. I should with much pleasure go down to meet you, but you will see that it is impossible—I am much obliged to you for your kind offer to take charge of any commissions, & you will see by the enclosed that I have taken advantage of it. You must also remember me very kindly to Mrs Hoffman if you see her, & do not forget to give Mrs Lee’s & Bonaparte’s regards to the Dr.

I hope you will have a safe & pleasant voyage, & much satisfaction from your visit, & that you & J— may speedily return to us —

I shall certainly see Mrs B— as I pass through Baltimore, & as you expect to return so soon, will hope to find you there on my return to W.P— I have much to do, & have besides to meet Mr Washn Irving to dinner to-day—Wishing you both every happiness I remain most truly yours

R E Lee

Bonaparte Papers

Maryland Historical Society

Printed, William D. Hoyt, Jr., ed., “Some Personal Letters of Robert E. Lee, 1850–1858,” The Journal of Southern History, 12 (November 1946), p. 565.