<br /> Lee Letter: m001

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: John C. Breckinridge

At daylight this morning, General Gordon assaulted and carried enemy’s works at Hare’s Hill, captured 9 pieces of artillery, 8 mortars, between 500 and 600 prisoners, among them one brigadier-general and number of officers of lower grade. Enemy’s lines were swept away for distance of 400 or 500 yards to right and left, and two efforts made to recover captured works were handsomely repulsed; but it was found that the inclosed works in rear, commanding enemy’s main line, could only be taken at great sacrifice, and troops were withdrawn to original position. It being impracticable to bring off captured guns, owing to nature of ground, they were disabled and left. Our loss reported is not heavy. Among wounded is Brigadier-General Terry, flesh wound, and Brig. Gen. Phil Cook, in arm. All the troops engaged, including two brigades under Brigadier-General Ransom behaved most handsomely. The conduct of the sharpshooters of Gordon’s corps, who led assault, deserves the highest commendation. This afternoon there was skirmishing on the right between the picket-lines with varied success. At dark enemy held considerable portion of the line farthest in advance of our main works.

R. E. Lee


Official Records, 46, 1, 382 – 83.