Dear Brother,

I was just writing in my letter book a long letter to you by Capt. Page who sails, he says, in a few days from this time. But apprehending that Anderson will go first, I take the opportunity by Mr. Wilson (who is just come here for a letter to you and the Doctor as he goes home in Anderson for orders) to inform you that Rayson had last friday 123 hhds on board stowed. That he had Craft gone for 100 More and had in all 340 engaged. But Rayson says he can store 380 at least this year, so that I fear it will be 10th or 15th of July before he sails. But you may depend it will be as quickly as possible. The York Charter has distressed us, because it required both Potomac & Rappahanock to load Rayson, as no liberty could be had in either River so soon as we wanted it, and the Norfolk business of Staves liable to such sure and certain imposition if not guarded against by the personal presence and knowledge of the purchaser. Rayson seems willing to overlook a few days for the advantage of a Tobo. freight. We have been at last obliged to take all the Tobo. yet to be gotten from both kivers to dispatch Rayson, as Outram appears inclined to give up 100 hhds of his Charter. Between 30 & 40 consigned are expected from York and I expect the rest will be purchased. But this you will be fully informed of by our brother Loudon – Mr. Wilson is in great haste, so that I must have done. Shall write largely in a few days by Page. Yours.

Col. Martin 18, Mr. Washington 8, 26 All from Frederick

This is a great disappointment—

NOTES: T. B. Meyers Collection, Lenox Library

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 1, 1762 – 1778, pp. 67 – 68.