<br /> Lee Letter: b052

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: William Lee

Dear Brother.

Early tomorrow morning this letter goes to a Glasgow Ship now ready to sail from Yeocomoco, and being in great haste you are not to expect such exactness as otherwise you would meet with. The Liberty has now 96 hhds on board. A Craft is at Coan for 33, another up Rappahanock for 40, and one dispatched up to the Falls of Potomac and Colchester for 54, making in the whole 223 hhds. The ballance of her load 149 hhds (for Rayson says he cannot engage to take more than 372 his last years quantity) is engaged on Potomac and Rappahanock, and will be taken on board as quickly as by any means Craft can be got to bring it in. The Capt. is now here, and he things sure, (no unforseen accident happening) that he will sail by the 5th of July. The list on the other side will shew you how his load is made up, and. this is as certain as any thing of this kind can be. You will see that Colo. Harry Lee has 20 hhds, certainly they will be in, and weighing about 1400 neat a piece, I have agreed that he shall draw on you the 25th of July next for £90 sterg. and in Octr. following for£100 more This is large drawing, but his Tobo. is good & heavy, and I a reed before I was sure of the ships load other ways. You will pay these drafts. But the Colo. says he will draw for £100 instead of £90. the first draft. At this rate there can be not much ballance against him I think.

But now comes the principal point – there are about 220 or 30 hhds more than Rayson can carry and among these are 80 of Mr. Merriweather Smiths 120 of Hudson Muses, (besides his 30 in Rayson) with 10 of Mr. Edmunsons and some others. Our brother has by this Ship informed you on what terms Mr. Smiths Tobacco would be shipt, but the Liberty being full cannot take it, and now, we have this day sent to Mr. Smith desiring he will come here in the morning that we may consult about going to Piscataway in Maryland where Capt. Eden from London we hear will take on liberty.

If we can agree with him, it is proposed that he shall get the before mentioned 220 hhds, and in that case Hudson Muses 120 go on the following terms. His 30 in Rayson are to be applied to the discharge of his last ballance with you. For this years Cargo to himself and brother, he proposed to remit in due time; but these 120 hhds, he is to a ply to the payment of another Creditor thus – He will draw on you 25 of next July for £5 a hhd. bill payable at 120 days. He says the Tobo. shall be so weighty as that his draft will not exceed £4 the thousand. And he has such confidence in you, that he will run the risk of your paying his bills rather than submit to what his Creditor proposed of Shipping it on consignment to Glasgow. In short, on this plan you will get the commission on 120 hhds and most probably the Tobo. will be sold before, the money is payable. Colo. Loudon and myself are clearly of opinion that both this and Mr. Smiths desire are worthy your attention and we warmly recommend them to your complyance, if it will be possible. Should this plan of sending on Liberty take place, you will have ample notice and circumstantial by more opportunities than one in 10 or 12 days from hence. You will have in Rayson 15 hhds. of Tobo. for Servants sold, so you may insure if you please. Capt. Rayson desires you will take care of his Law <suit>. Capt Markham has not got a Craft yet & I fear ’twill be some time before he does. Your G. Spring Tobo. is already in Outram, the Blacksmith is gone and is at Work.

My love to the Doctor & my Sister.


R. H. Lee
hhdsG. Lees estate14 I.R. H. Lee6 I.F. L. Lee22Doctr. Thomson1Capt Chilton2Leroy Griffen4Capt. Belfield1Mr. Parker1Mol. Ball16T. A. Washington4Colo. Martin18Colo. Henry Lee20Mr. Carr4Capt. Oldham2Jos. Lane1Colo. Gaskins2Mr. Giberne10Jn/Turberville16.20 I.Triplet & Thornton48Colo. Hull2Reub Jorden1Charles Lee1Mr. Booker2John Graham4Colo. Tarpley2Warren Washington Junr.8Wm. Gerrard2G. Waugh1Mr. Ransdell1Rho. Kenner8Mrs. A Washington4Mr. Spotswood20Richd. Lee Esqr.30Colo. Champe4Mr. Alexander4Mr. Hudson Muse30____321Hon. Cul. Tayloe8Hon. R. Carter4John Craul1For Servants15 I.Colo. F. Thornton2Capt. John Hull1Mr. Cox1Mr. James edmunson10Mr. Butler4____375

N.B. This List may be regarded as right most generally but as there is much more Tobo. than the Ship can carry, if any in this list should fail their gross weight will be supplied by others.


Ford CollectionLenox Library

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 1, 1762 – 1778, pp. 84 – 87. Addressed “To William Lee esquire Merchant in London By favor of Capt. Park Q.D.C” Endorsed as received 17 July and answered 31 July.