<br /> Lee Letter: wl131

Washington and Lee University

Sender: James K. Caskie
Recipient: Robert E. Lee

Dear Genl,

I have to thank you for your valued favors of the 7th and 10th inst. the latter received today. I am glad to learn you are pleased with the glass vase and hope that Miss Mildred will keep the bowl ever flowing with good things & I hope Mrs Lee will have much comfort in her chair.

I am sorry you give up the idea of the Rockaway as it would doubtless be of service if only used for afternoon drives – I sincerely trust the trips to the springs will benefit her – Miss Agnes is making up a parcel to send by “Doctor” next week, she expects sometime in the week to go to Hickory Hill when Genl W.H.F. went a day or two ago, he will accompany her to Lexington. We are all very unwilling to let Miss Agnes leave us and hope Miss Mildred will come down & take her place –

All are well & I have no news – On the other side is statement of balance of acct showing in your favor of $111.98 which I will dispose of as you direct – Vannerson would not accept pay for the 2 doz photographs With kindest regards from all to all I am

Yours faithfully

James K. Caskie

Statement of receipts & expenditures for Genl R. E. Lee

March 13Received of Genl Lee check on Balto for$100
    “24 coupons City of St. Louis720
    “22 do H. R.R. Road for$770 –
less Govt tax . . . 25.90744.10
Deposited with Lancasters to credit Gen Lee$1420.72
Paid French & Crenshaw for table cloth46.02
    “Franks for picture frames17.50
    “Reeves & Mayo for sugar, candletsticks43.38
    “Nelson for glass bowl & goblets12.75
    “2 and ½ lbs raisins, mustard, vanilla2.75
April 13thMiss Agnes rec10.00
Balance in my hands10.98

James R. Caskie
Richmond 13th April 1866


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University

“13 Apl ’66 Jas: K. Caskie Acct: of money disbursed Ansd: 19 Apl.”