<br /> Lee Letter: u008

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Anne Lee
Recipient: Philip Fendall, Jr.

My dear Philip:

I am truly grateful for the friendly attention of Mrs. Fendall and yourself. At present Mr. Randolph has not the disposal of Mr. Fitzhugh’s house, the term not being yet expired for which Mrs. Alexander rented it. I must therefore be indebted to the courtesy of that Lady for preferring me as her tenant: which I can only hope for from the influence of your Mama – Request the favor of her, dear Philip, to exercise her powers of eloquence in procuring me so comfortable a house and the happiness of living near herself and Mrs. Edmond Lee, and assure her the obligation will be justly appreciated.

I expect to be in Alexandria on Wednesday next, and would prefer examining the state of the house, before positively engaging it; but if there is any probability of our having it, do request dear Mrs. Fendall to secure it.