<br /> Lee Letter: v005

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles Carter Lee

I think Master Carter I hit the nail right on the head, when I got on board the Schooner, for I had a passage of three days and eighteen hours from Light to Light, which brought me to Cock Spur on Wednesday, and where I landed from my anxiety to see how much the late Gales had left us. I found all the houses standing which was a great comfort, but nearly all the embankments were broken down, ditches filled, and trunk washed out, and what was worse than all, the wharf which cost us so much time & money, is destroyed I fear beyond repair, which is the consequence of having our communications on one side of the Island instead of the other, about which there was “issue joined” between the Maj. and myself – He, the Maj. has not yet arrived, nor did the Packet from Philadelphia, which got in a few days ago, bring any intelligence of his movements. Some of the Passengers Reported that the Madame had separated from him, and had carried off her youngest child, and that neither the Maj. or her friends knew what had become of her. This may be mere report or slander, God knows for I don’t – The Little Schooner pitched like Sancho in a blanket, the wind was very high and the sea rough, and you may imagine the strength of the former, when though driven out of our course, and deeply laden, we performed the passage in the above mentioned time. I came up to town the other day to see every body, and shall return to Cock Spur this morning. It is time that I was off, as I want to sail the tide down. The next time I write I hope not to be so hurried, Write soon and tell me all the news, I have heard from nobody since my arrival. I saw Miss Savage etc all well, Good bye – Yours etc

R. E. Lee


Lee PapersUniversity of Virginia Archives

This letter is addressed to “C. C. Lee, Counsellor at Law, No. 15 Pine Street, New York.” It is postmarked “Nov. 16” from Savannah, Georgia.