<br /> Lee Letter: v026

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles Carter Lee

My dear Carter

I have this day received a letter from Mr. DeBehr, saying that he had forwarded “Several copies of the Life of Napoleon to you,” but the Silly man did not mention when, how, or where. He also states that the Prints of Napoleon & Lascasles, Atlas he had never received nor heard of until mentioned by me. I will write to Smith to day & ask him to call on Major Lewis & try & ascertain Something about them & forward the whole Concern to you if practicable, together with Walsh’s review. I must warn you however not to be too Sanguine of the result, as Mr L – – is So Abstracted in politics, that I could never get any Satisfaction out of him, Besides when I left W. he was absent from the City – All our apparatus, required for the Boundary Service, except Some Tents has now been obtained. A Canal Boat is chartered, & we are preparing to transport the Instruments etc aboard. I am led to anticipate a tedious passage of some 6 or 8 days to Buffalo – But we are obliged to take this route on account of Said Instruments. I have been so much engaged in making preparations for our trip & in gaining Some knowledge of the Instruments to be used that I have seen very little of Albany, and scarcely anything of its Inhabitants. I have been intending from day to day to call on the Van Renssallers, but have not been able to accomplish it. I hope on my return to be able to do So – I can tell you no news, except what you may see in the papers & have no time for that, So good bye until we meet again

Yrs as ever

R E Lee


Lee PapersUniversity of Virginia Archives

This letter is addressed “C C Lee Esqr, Counsellor at Law, Spring Camp, Near Stoney Fork P. O., Floyd County, Virginia.” Also appearing and just above the address is the number “25.”