<br /> Lee Letter: v074

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles S. Venable

Mr dear Col

I am much obliged to you for your kind invitation. I had desired to have attended the Teachers Convention on the 17th, but the Board of Trustees of Washington College assemble here on that very day, at which I must be present. I shall not therefore be able to be with you, I will deliver your message to Custis, but I do not think his present plan of a continuous journey on horse back, west, will admit of his going to Charlottesville. His health has been very bad this Spring & I have advised his making the tour of the Springs, in the hope that some one of the waters may suit his case. I shall myself take Mrs Lee to the Rockbridge baths next week, & locate her there till the adjournment of the B – d of Trustees, & if she derives no benefit, will endeavour to carry her to the Warm Springs. It will be necessary for me to be with her. I hope some good, will result from the Convention of Teachers. I think good books from Primary up, should be provided, & all issued under the sanction of the Board, so as to make them acceptable. Prof – r Campbell will represent Washington College – Please make my respects to all the gentlemen, & particularly to those of the University – The Trustees at their late meeting were unable to fill some of the chairs of the College, among them a Prof – r of Mental & moral Philosophy, & adjourned to the 17 – Inst for the purpose.

Who is the best man for the chair named? With my best respects to Mrs. Venable

I am very truly yours

R E Lee

Prof – r Chas: S. Venable


Lee PapersUniversity of Virginia Archives

This letter is written on cream color paper with blue lines. The envelope is bright yellow and addressed “Prof – r Chas: S. Venable, University of Virg – a, Albemarle Co, VA.” The postmark is “Lexington, Va. 7 July.” A 3-cent stamp is affixed.