<br /> Lee Letter: v079

Washington and Lee University

Sender: John D. Carter
Recipient: Faculty of Washington College

Gentlemen of the Faculty

Allow me to recommend to yr. most favorable consideration Master Albert Rees of Americus Georgia. He has been under my instruction for fifteen months, and has been always studious and attentive, making excellent progress. His advancement in Math is thro. Arith., Algebra, and four Books of Geometry: in Latin, Arnold’s 1st Book; Fables and Antiqua Historia, Caesar, Sallust’s Catilina, Cicero’s Orations (now reading), and Arnold’s Latin Prose (studying); in Greek, Arnold’s 1st Book. I think you would be entirely secure in receiving him into the class he desires to enter; and although. somewhat deficient in Grk., I can safely assure you, his brightness, application, and punctuality, will fully compensate and soon bring him up to the requisite scholarship in that language His English education is especially good and thorough.

In morals and gentlemanly deportment, Mas. Rees is unexceptionable. His family is one of the first of Georgia, and his home education has been adequate and elevated.

I most cordially present him to you for special guidance and your best instruction.

Yours respecly.,

John D. Carter

Rays Algebra 2nd Part 2nd 3rd Junior Class 4th Section VI Prof Nelson 10′ clock

Cicero de <Saneotrele> Morris & <Ballarno’> Grammar – Arnold’ L. P. Camp Report to Prof. Grady at 10 o’clock –


Lee PapersUniversity of Virginia Archives

The notes on the letter’s fourth page (following Carter’s signature) are reputed to have been written by R. E. Lee. However, the handwriting does not appear to be his.